For schools

Our goal is to offer your children the possibility of learning and growing in ICT, focused on robotics and programming; something often not part of schools’ curricula. We offer them a different perspective on working with technology and develop their potential. One advantage we can offer your school is that we have our own Lego Mindstorms® EV3 robotics kits.

If your school is interested in cooperating with Brillion, we are always excited to personally present our vision and the whole project. Brillion has its own materials and tools, methodology, and robotics kits.

Do I need to worry about the kids?

Of course not! Our instructor will take full responsibility for the children during the course. The instructor always gathers the children at an assigned meeting place, picks them up at the school club and sends them back after each lesson. The teachers then do not need to worry. Our instructors have all necessary training and know what to do in case of emergency – they have teaching and first aid training.