For children

Do you dream of building your own robot that will obey you? Are you interested in modern technology and programming? Do you want to try and see if robotics and programming is the field that you will eventually study and have as a career? Or are you just excited and curious?

If you answer “yes” to some of the questions above, this is the right place for you! And what more, you will have fun! We want to make you interested, show you what you can achieve, and how to build upon that knowledge. We want to broaden your horizons, develop your technical thinking, and encourage your creativity.  Above all – we want you to have fun, experience and create something awesome, and work as a team with your robotics friends.

Everyone knows Lego. Now – imagine adding a microcomputer brain to it and some sensors that you can later program on your PC.  You can tell your Lego robot what to do, you can add some more functions, orders and components, and bring your robot to ‘life’. Moreover, once you robo-enthusiasts get a bit older, you can go to prestigious competitions and apply what you have learned.