About Brillion

We are a group of enthusiasts who love technology, robotics, and programming. Even though we come from different backgrounds, education and possess different experience, we all believe that it is crucial to teach children robotics and programming. Our children’s future will be highly linked to modern technology whether as a user or at work.

We have together created a course using Lego Mindstorms®. Lego Mindstorms® combines a programmable brick with a microcomputer, sensors, and specific programming software. Our goal is to transfer our knowledge of programming to children in a fun way, and encourage them to be interested in this field. Our course develops a child’s intelligence, creativity, motor skills, and imagination.

Brillion’s first step is to open courses at elementary schools. The great advantage we see here is that children can work in a familiar environment, do not need to commute anywhere, and they can build relationships with peers of different classes and ages. We want to open our courses to children from other schools as well, and we also want to offer consultation in case of more difficult programming tasks.


  • manages key issues
  • ensures smooth processes


  • keen on business development
  • really excited about ICT


  • ideas person
  • ensures smooth processes


  • ideas person
  • ensures smooth processes


1st level instructor

  • the best first ICT teacher you can have
  • helps Tomáš with Brillion methodology



  • we welcome everyone interested in future courses
  • you have to be a natural teacher, be experienced in programming, continuously learning and developing yourself
  • Inspired? Let us know if Brillion is the place for you!